If you could create a new holiday, what person or event would it honor and how would you want people to celebrate it?

Holidays are a kind of official virtual monument to make people bear events or people in mind. Governments set up holidays usually present a political attitude or traditional taste. Taking Spring Festival as an example, it only exists in South-Eastern Asia cultural countries. On the other hand, they either use holidays to celebrate a war hero or a national anniversary such as National Day and Labor Day.

It hardly finds out which holiday has set for normal people. Governments never do that. They are fearing with their people. So, if I have this opportunity to create a new holiday, I would definitely like to create a holiday that represents people, Citizen Day.

The People’s Republic of China has no citizens technically. People who live here have no rights to, speech, procession, and association. Even though these rights have been written in China’s constitution. They are just residents who live on this land. It is necessary to remind these “residents” what rights they’ve been taken by the party. A holiday, Citizen Day, is a great method to achieve that point.

We could celebrate Citizen Day in three ways, speech, procession, and association. People dress in their official suits to speak loudly on stage. Everyone could get his or her fifteen minutes to spread their opinions. We could debate with each other; making prints and sending them to everyone. On the other hand, we can go out to the streets to enhance our voices. People who get together are the biggest nightmare of an autarchic government. The best of the best is that we can make our own party with any theme. Nobody will laugh at you or someone’s naive ideas.

Well, I know maybe you feel speechless with this writing right now. These rights are maybe so normal in your country or in any democratic country. That’s why we need that holiday now. Right now, right here.



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