Should pets be treated as family members?

2 min readMar 9, 2021

Citizens of the Cat Planet had already occupied Earth for thousands of years. Billions of furry evil goblins secretly invade into ten million human families as one part of these families. They are making noise; slaving these poor mortals. These ignorant humanities treat these lovely demons as one member of their families. Moreover, sharing love and food with these cats with no payback.

Why should we treat them like this? I have two main reasons prepared for that question.

Firstly, pets of our families would reduce other members’ stress and anxiety. We all know that we are living in modern society and having no time to rest our mood. So many TOEFL testers have already written these reviews in their writing. We need a window to give us a chance to release our bad feelings in one moment. The moment that we hugged our pets. These lovely creatures provide their naivety and genuineness to us which gives us a cup of cool water from the hell of a life. It is the only thing pets can do. Lovers who are fighting with us; kids who are killing us noisily. Only pets can cure our harmful hearts with a little pack of food.

Secondly, pets are our most loyal company of us. People come and go on our journey. Parents, friends, and partners could all accompany us for just a period of time. But pets frequently could accompany their family members for their entire lifetime. They hardly abandon their family members in their life.

In conclusion, pets are the best friends in our life. We treat them as a family member is a kind of love feedback. We are digging motion feedback from them and feel comfortable with them. These creatures could smooth our bad mood and make us go forward solidly.