Study alone or with a group of students?

2 min readMar 8, 2021

Somebody thinks that studying with himself in his own little atmosphere is a more efficient way to discover something new such as languages and skills. But I doubt it. Learning is something that needs to be reviewed and challenged consistently. Hence studying in a group is more efficient and useful. Students

At the beginning of the stage of learning, we had to keep ourselves in a status named “flow”. It needs us to keep focus and make an effort to determine. Sometimes people think that studying in a group will decrease this kind of effort. In fact, a number of students do not have the ability to concentrate on their own. They could distract so easily by phones and streaming videos on the Internet. On the contrary, studying in a group could provide an environment that oversees each other. Students are usually ashamed to play console games and watch TV shows in a place where people all focus on reading and learning.

Moreover, studying a new thing such as language or ability not just needs our focus and determination, but also needs to talk and debate with others to deepen our memories with the materials of learning. In this situation, studying by oneself is not a good choice to learn something such as speaking and listening. Staying in a group gives us an opportunity to challenge our knowledge. Hence we could cement our basement of knowledge and patch some bugs in our understanding.

In conclusion, my preference for learning is to study with others. It will help me to learn faster and better. The best thing is that I will be more efficient. Hence I could avoid wasting the amount of time. I’d love to share my opinions with each other. Their feedback also a part of learning things. I recommend all the students try this method at least once.