The advice you would give your friend on how to use his or her money

2 min readApr 13, 2021

To different friends, I have different suggestions about how to use surprise money. Let’s imagine that three friends of mine stand in front of us by line. They are Bob, Alice, and Eason.

Bob, who has no enough money occasionally, is a white-collar who work at the CBD of Beijing. He has to pay the bills of his house rent and daily bread. I am so happy that it is him who could get this money unintentionally. It means a lot to him. The money could pull him out of debt and bills for a while. Let him have a chance to take a breath. To him, I would advise that he could save it to the bank. Hence he will have some kind of backup. When he faces a difficult situation in the future, he would no need to lose his mind in that embarrassing time.

As for Alice, I am totally not worried about her financial status. She has a regular deposit, and already bought serval funds. Her house set near the center of the Capital of China. If I could give her some advice about the application of a sum of money. I think that having a vacation is the most suitable way for her. She was so busy during work time. Taking serious pressure in every working hour. Maybe Easter-South Asia’s beach will ease her tight heart.

Eason is another case. I recommend he could buy a car. He spends the amount of time on commute every month. It will save his time and give him a private space that could take him away from the crowd of people.

In conclusion, I am so happy either of them could get this sum of money. Hence I will give them my advice separately. They all have different situations, I hope the money could bring them happiness and peace, making their life better.