How is your generation different from your parents’ generation?

2 min readApr 20, 2021

We live on the same planet but in a different world with our parents. Their family, childhood, education experiences, and past life shaped their today’s personality, as well as us. But each of these factors of above is totally different with two generations, them and us. Therefore, they, our parents, hold totally different opinions on entertainment, work opportunity, and intimate relationships. This is also where the friction of these two generations comes from.

In China, once upon a time, the government promised our parents’ generation that everyone will receive a fit job. Hence the generation of them trend to realize that work is a place could to stay for one’s whole life and the best quality of a good job is stable. Officials who sit in front of a dest in the government department is the best job in their dreams. They persuade their children to pass the civil service team. Teacher, official, and bank officer is the best occupation for their babies. Their children don’t think of that. Young people like to take adventures. They are going to find a job that could achieve their life’s goal. Stabilizability is not the first factor which they concerned. Even more, salary is still not the most important thing when they are finding jobs. Their preference is a job that matches their blueprint of career.

Second, the methods they choose to amuse themselves are different from their kids. In the past, people don’t have many ways to enjoy their lives. The consumer economy is not prosperous enough in their age. They can’t buy something they want with their willingness easily. They can’t go around to another city by free will. Moreover, they didn’t have enough food to feed their stomachs. The situation limits their imagination to find a new way to be happy. Time changed, their children’s era emerged many new technology gadgets. The internet, 5G, VR, etc. So many things have been invented in the last thirty years. People are tending to stay at home rather than going outside to find real friends. That’s what tech brings to us.

Finally, our parents’ view about the intimate relationship is more practical than ours. Young people always want to find their true love on their own. Old people hold different opinions. They are focus on the partner’s financial situation and family background. But young people like to find romantic. I think the difference between the two generations is the difference in the financial basement of every family. Parents have no idea to find love in a still market. People couldn’t find many strangers in their ages. Bread is the most important thing they can catch up with.

The core of the difference is the desire for a stable life. The era is hard, people would like to find peace. When things changed, people like to find other things, such as love, life goals, and freedom.