What changes the 21st century will bring?

2 min readApr 13, 2021

Experienced industry revolution and information revolution in the past three centuries. People will face serval bigger challenges and changes in the 21 century. To discuss it, I will present three aspects will be changed in this century which already happened or happening. They are health, energy ,and teleworking.

Gene technology has been developed very well in serval years. People have the ability to change something they don’t really want such as cancer cells or birth defects in the very beginning — embryo stage. That means people’s lifetime will be enlarged to an exaggerated degree. Maybe multi times of current human’s lifespan. On the other hand, people could easily change the organ which doesn’t work very well. In the past, rejection reaction from our immune system could limit our actives of organ transplant. But with new gene technology and biology technology. A human-made organ will avoid this deathly reaction. Hence a normal man has this chance to live longer than any old king.

The second change which will bring by 21 century is energy. Clean energy is the new trend of using energy. We will finally get rid of burn vegetable’s corpses, oil. On the one hand, oil is a limited resource. We couldn’t use it forever. On the other hand, people may gain the ability to control nuclear energy in a controllable way. Energy will be cheaper than ever. With no limitation to restrict our imagination or creativity.

The last thing is teleworking. With the development of transportation and the internet. People could easily work anywhere and connect with their work partners. Teleconferencing and co-working apps, slack, zoom, etc. bring this revolution to everybody. Staying in a cell to squeeze their creation is no longer the most efficient way to create work results.

In short, health, energy, telework is the biggest changes that 21 century will bring to us. I will embrace them with a very positive attitude.