What makes a good parent?

2 min readApr 11, 2021

Every single man and woman has his or her ability to be a parent. But it is not every people has the certification to become a parent. It is almost the easiest thing and the most difficult mission in the world at the same time. I think to be a good parent must have three qualities, money, love, and trust.

I am sorry I will put the money in the first place. It is a cruel fact that parents have to earn enough money to raise their baby. It is not an easy thing without it. Parents need to provide a safe house and enough food. Hence children could live in a stable environment with these basements. If they couldn’t feed their stomach with bread and milk. How could they grow up with healthy mental and physical?

The second essential thing to be a good parent is having love. If one does not obsess one’s life. Do not have the curiosity to explore the world and observe family members’ lives. I can’t imagine that he or she will be a good parent. Disregard is the most common situation that happens to these parents. Children couldn’t receive love from them. I called it is heart desertification. Don’t be a parent, man. It is the last mercy you could squeeze from your poor failure life.

The last thing is trust. Many parents don’t trust their children. They see them as some pets or slavers. It seems that they don’t think they fully function humans. They are trying to plan their children’s life; belittling their children’s achievements; involving every relationship in their kids’ life. It truly an efficient way to push their babies away from their hearts.

In a short. Parents need to earn enough money to raise themselves and their children. On the other hand, they have to love life and their kids. Trusting their creation of love is also a required quality of them. Hence they finally have a certification to be a parent.