Why movies are so popular all over the world?

1 min readApr 11, 2021

Human loves stories, and the Movie is the most powerful storytelling tool human-made.

From millions of years ago, when the first homo sapiens organized their meaningful voice to spend information to his or her partners, the original storytelling has been formed. The oldest homo usually is the most respected mentor in her tribe. Time has passed, the storytelling skill has been enhanced with technology evolution.

In 21 century, the movie has become the highest level of storytelling. Modern human combined their best gadgets and the most creative people into the cinema industry to create vivid story creation — the movie. It is the first time that people could enter one’s life in two-dimension. A story is no longer a concentrated literature word on papers that needs readers to use their best imagination to decode.

Movie lovers could easily step into a dark theater with no distraction to enjoy the best performance of a story. Whether it is a romantic love story or an exciting spy movie. They are all other’s lives that normal cinema audiences couldn’t experience in their own life. A good movie is an efficient way to invite people to a wonderful movie and is the most convenient method to experience other’s life.